#1372 Marine Links Number 10 Cricketers’ Spot-Fix Snipers to Sidley Austin Telstar and the Grassy Knoll

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked ‘spot-fix shooters‘ associated with a Number 10 Cricketers’ champion, the late, United Kingdom Prime Minister Alec Douglas Home (1961-1963), to erstwhile Sidley Austin law firm partner Newton Minow who allegedly used Telstar satellite with his British counterparts to coordinate the sniper teams which shot JFK as his car moved over the length of a cricket pitch near the ‘Grassy Knoll’.

“JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories: John F. Kennedy Facts, Photos [Note spot-fix spread between 4th (07:12) and 6th road stripes length of a cricket pitch so we track back to Number 10 Cricketers’ use of Telstar satellite for MoD military C2I]”

“A Day in History. Telstar Brings World Closer (1962) [AT&T represented by Sidley Austin]”

“President Kennedy Announces Telstar – Cold War Communications Satellite [Allegedly used in Number 10 Cricketers’ shooters MitM attack on JFK]

“Alec Douglas-Home after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy [JFK told Douglas Home, the Number 10 Cricketer, of his plans to ‘guard and keep the peace of the world’ and he thereby, allegedly, signed his own death warrant]”

British politician Alec Douglas-Home bats for the Lords and Commons against an Egyptian team, Lord’s, June 18, 1951

Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) Running About on a Cricket Pitch [500 years of bettor-funded contract killing for the City Livery Companies]

Newton Minow on his 1961 “Vast Wasteland” speech to TV broadcasters

Sidley Austin LLP


“In 1918 the 12th Earl of Home died, Dunglass succeeded him in the earldom, and the courtesy title passed to Alec Douglas-Home, who was styled Lord Dunglass until 1951.[3] Douglas-Home was educated at Ludgrove School, followed by Eton College. At Eton, his contemporaries included Cyril Connolly, who later described him as:

a votary of the esoteric Eton religion, the kind of graceful, tolerant, sleepy boy who is showered with favours and crowned with all the laurels, who is liked by the masters and admired by the boys without any apparent exertion on his part, without experiencing the ill-effects of success himself or arousing the pangs of envy in others. In the 18th century he would have become Prime Minister before he was 30. As it was, he appeared honourably ineligible for the struggle of life.[4]

After Eton, Dunglass went to Christ Church, Oxford, where he graduated with a third class honours BA degree in modern history in 1925.[5]
As a member of the Eton XI, 1921

Dunglass was a talented sportsman. In addition to representing Eton at Fives,[6] he was a capable cricketer at school, club and county level, and was unique among British prime ministers in having played first-class cricket. Coached by George Hirst, he became in Wisden‘s phrase “a useful member of the Eton XI” that included Percy Lawrie and Gubby Allen. Wisden observed, “In the rain-affected Eton-Harrow match of 1922 he scored 66, despite being hindered by a saturated outfield, and then took 4 for 37 with his medium-paced out-swingers”. At first-class level he represented the Oxford University Cricket Club, Middlesex CCC and MCC. Between 1924 and 1927 he played ten first-class matches, scoring 147 runs at an average of 16.33 with a best score of 37 not out. As a bowler he took 12 wickets at an average of 30.25 with a best of 3 for 43. Three of his first-class games were internationals against Argentina on the MCC “representative” tour of South America in 1926–27.”

More to follow.

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