#1362 Marine Obama BlackBerry Spread-Bet Triggers to Cruddas’ London Underground Bomb

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Barack Obama’s development of BlackBerry spread-bet triggers for synchronized infrastructure bombing attacks, to ‘vigs’ allegedly distributed by Peter Cruddas to London Underground saboteurs after 7/7.

McConnell notes that Obama and Cruddas appear to have developed an encrypted spread-bet vig distribution system in the mid-1980s which relies on Western Union and the BIC ‘hawala’ system to pay saboteurs, assassins and deception experts hired to trigger major pre-insured arbitraged events, euphemistically described as tragedies!

McConnell also notes the presence of Rudi Giuliani near the site of the 7/7 bombings, consistent with Cruddas and Obama’s alleged use of Mayor’s (Giuliani’s) Office of Emergency Management in WTC#7 and personal communications devices (Nokia) to synchronize spread betting and ignition of Twin Towers incendiary bombs on 9/11.

#1361 Marine Sidley Austin’s War-Game Switchboard to Sam Cam’s Spread Bet Building #7

“Peter Power 7/7 Terror Rehearsal [Allegedly for the late pedophile Edward Heath’s Honourable Artillery Company and its spread-bet bookies]”

“Sky News London Bombings Actors & Agents”

I guess this makes the Bank of England a prime suspect — why aren’t they talking?

From WorldNetDaily July 16, 2005:
it appears some profited by short selling the British pound in the 10 days leading up to the attacks. 

The pound fell about 6 percent (approximately 1.82 to 1.72) against the dollar for no apparent reason – until, of course, the terror attacks sent the British markets reeling still further. 

“This was an almost unprecedented weakness and far too sharp to be a coincidence,” one economist with more than 35 years of experience in the investment industry, told Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, the premium, online intelligence newsletter published by the founder of WND. “That is, after all, an annualized rate of loss of well over 100 percent.” 

The fall did not go unnoticed by investigators, who are wondering whether the terrorist masterminds behind the attacks decided to make some money on their action or whether other investors with inside information about possible attacks took advantage of that knowledge. 

“Currencies of establish countries simply do not fall that fast based upon any kind of economic or financial analysis,” said the economist. “Somebody – somewhere – knew something. Or maybe I should say ‘somebodies.’”
In a recent wide-ranging Gambling Prevalence study it was found that 1.3 per cent of the punters were problem gamblers, once National Lottery players were stripped out of the figures. The most vulnerable groups were among black and Asian punters, those who were separated or divorced, and people with few educational qualifications. The forms of gambling causing the biggest problems were spread betting, fixed-odds betting terminals and betting exchanges – all recent gambling innovations born out of technological advances. Cue the mobile phone.”

“Sporting Index is unique in that we are dedicated solely to providing sports spread betting. We are recognised as the world leader in its field, having captured approximately 70% of the UK’s sports spread betting market. We pride ourselves on our innovation and try to lead the market whenever possible. Here are some of our key milestones: 

In 1992 Sporting Index was founded [covertly by David Cameron’s Bullingdon associates and Peter Cruddas] with just 5 members of staff and 50 clients in the UK. The company now caters for well over 45,000 spread bettors worldwide with an expanded team of approximately 150 staff, half of which are based on the trading floor.
In 2000 we launched the first truly interactive sports spread betting website, www.sportingindex.com, and we now take 80% of all our bets online. 

In August 2001 we launched the facility for clients to create their own customised spread betting markets via our Multiples service. This gives clients the ability to pick two teams/players to take each other on in a mythical match bet (regardless of whether they are actually playing each other).

More to follow.

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