#1318 Marine Links DMORT Clue in Wells Fargo Crime to Al-Qaeda Bowman from Region V

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a Wells Fargo ATM card, tracked as a DMORT false-flag clue at the WTC Twin Towers crime scene where Wells Fargo was hired as a master servicer in a double-occurrence spread-bet insurance fraud, to Al-Qaeda Bowman radio operators, allegedly deployed by Valerie Jarrett (nee Bowman) in New York for a phoney Tripod II exercise attended by representatives from a DMORT Region V Family Assistance Center Team.

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“9/11 Resolution Trilogy Volume III: Pattern of the Times part 1 of 4”

Predecessors of Al-Qaeda Bowman radio operatives, surveillance and target acquisition teams

Bullingdon friend of David Cameron, Radek Sikorski, as an Al-Qaeda Clansman/Bowman agent in Afghanistan in the 1980s; about twenty years before fixing the Smolensk crash and crime scene clues pointing back to HAC and DMORT Region V’s Valerie Jarrett (Nee Bowman!) 

[Abel Danger makes the spoliation inference that after a crime scene has been ‘bleached’ of evidence by DMORT crews, a DMORT commander plants the last few items tracked to indicate to Lloyd’s Names that the clean-up job has been completed and the responsible party (e.g. Wells Fargo) associated with the spoliation crime should receive their share of the proceeds of any insurance claim]
DMORT Benefactors for WTC Victim Family
Frank Saul
Region V Commander 

Mugaba Woodside & Julie Saul 

While serving as DMORT Night Watch Commander at the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office in September, I was notified that one of their employees had lost his mother, who was a cook at the World Trade Center. Mugaba Woodside, a 20 year old immigrant from the Bahamas and a full-time engineering student, was now the sole support of his infant son and two younger siblings. 

Region V’s Bob Stevens had recently made arrangements for the fabrication of a DMORT WTC commemorative T-shirt with the understanding that all sales profits would go to a WTC-related cause. We now had our cause. We were able to give Mugaba an immediate $500 check. 

Julie Saul, my wife and a Region V Forensic Anthropologist who served on the night shift at Freshkill Landfill and Ground Zero, and I returned to NYC in late May [One of these three allegedly planted the Wells Fargo ATM card to indicate clean up was complete and WF could be credited with proceeds of insurance fruad] . Mugaba’s mother had still not bee found, but this extraordinary young man is doing well at school and at work and is even excelling at track. (His mentor was his mother, who was a track star in the Islands.) We felt privileged to give him a Region V check for an additional $1500 to help him fulfill his mother’s dreams for her children We were also able to visit with Amy Mundorf, Forensic Anthropologist, and Ivan Steigman, Motor Vehicle Operator, and other friends at the NYCMEO and then go on to view a much-changed Ground Zero. It was a very strange experience to see these places in daylight, but comforting to know and be told that DMORT had made a difference. 

Incidentally, some of you may have wondered about the origin of the DMORT patch displayed at Memorial Park. I provided it very early one morning when a NYC detective who was setting up the display asked if I could obtain one for him. I called for a DMAT medic who removed it from my sleeve with a scalpel – hence the bits of thread around the edges.”

[Abel Danger makes the spoliation inference that after a crime scene has been ‘bleached’ of evidence by DMORT crews, a DMORT commander plants the last few items tracked to indicate to Lloyd’s Names that clean-up job has been completed and the responsible party (e.g. Wells Fargo) associated with the spoliation crime should receive their share of the proceeds of any insurance claim]

March 2009
Flight 3407 Deployment
Brad B. Targhetta
DMORT V Deputy Commander

We started work that morning at 7:00 AM and worked 12 hour shifts. There were
members working in the morgue from Regions II, III, V and VII. Our temporary
morgue was set up within the Erie County Medical Examiner’s Office. Dr. James
Woytash (Erie County Medical Examiner) and his personnel were FANTASTIC. Our
job was made so much easier by the interaction with him and his staff. Kevin Costigan
(DMORT Region II Commander), Robert Golden (DMORT Region II Deputy
Commander), Scott Schmidt (DMORT Region II Training Officer), and Kathleen
Costigan (DMORT Region II Administrative Officer) ran the incident very well. They
held morning and evening briefings which provided us with information regarding safety
(always first) and procedural development within the morgue. Shannon Dotson (DPMU
Commander) and/or Mike Gedert (DPMU Deputy Commander) informed us of proper
protocol regarding the DPMU inventory, such as requisition forms and handwritten
receipts. Bob “Bubba” Stevens (DPMU Logistics Officer) was stationed at the
warehouse with the DMORT cache, which was located just down the street from the
Medical Examiner’s office. He provided us with any equipment that we requested. I was
assigned to Admitting or “Intake” as they named it, which was a great area to be in, as faras I am concerned.

On Saturday, Dr. Woytash walked by our station when there were 3 items left to process.
He asked if he could be a tracker and take the last item through the stations. There was a cheer when he stepped in and announced he had the last item. When he completed all
stations, everyone lined the hallway and he walked between the double lines, taking the
last item to trailer management. It was a very moving experience. He thanked us all as he walked past, shook hands and remarked how he could not have done this without us.

A new procedure was used regarding the tracking and use of the DPMU equipment that
was located at each station in the morgue. All equipment was inventoried and the section leader signed for all equipment within their station. The section leader then became ultimately responsible for the equipment. As the equipment was returned to the DPMU, a release was signed and the equipment was returned to the DPMU cache. Tracking ofequipment is essential for replacement and re-supply. In previous missions, equipment
[allegedly including Bowman radios for surveillance and target acquisition] mysteriously disappeared and there was no way to track who had it. This new process
eliminates the potential for lost equipment and the replacement cost which would be
associated with it. My hat goes off to the wonderful DPMU Team as they always
provided us with whatever we needed.” 

“More Miraculous Or
Perhaps Planted 9/11
Evidence Uncovered
A Wells Fargo Card From A Flight 11 Passenger Turns
Up In Perfect Condition One Year After the Fact  

By Greg Szymanski

The ATM card of Waleed Iskandar was returned to his parents, allegedly found by the Ground Zero Recovery Team on Sept. 11, 2002. Questions remain as to why it turned up a year later and how could such a flimsy card survive such a towering inferno? 

One year after 9/11, as unbelievable as it sounds, the parents of a Flight 11 passenger were notified by the Ground Zero Recovery Team that they found the unscathed Wells Fargo ATM card of their son who allegedly perished on the doomed flight. 

After being notified of the miraculous find on Sept. 11, 2002, Joseph and Samia Iskandar were sent their son’s bank card within days, noting it was in “perfect condition,” but asking the obvious question: “How could a plastic card survive the fire of the terrorist attack of the Black Tuesday on the USA?” 

The question about the strange return of their son’s bank card has been placed on a web site memorial, remembering their 34-year-old son, Waleed, a Harvard MBA graduate listed as one of the passengers that perished when Flight 11 allegedly smashed into the North Tower. 

The Iskandar’s were unavailable for comment after numerous calls were not answered, but receipt of the card was verified by another close family member, as well as a photographic duplicate of the ATM card also being placed on the Iskandar web site, proving its existence and return in almost perfect condition.

Besides an enlarged picture of the card on the site, the Iskandar’s also placed the following message regarding the return of their son, Waleed’s, Wells Fargo ATM card: 

“On September 11 2002, one year Anniversary of the death of our son, we were informed that the Recovery Team at Ground Zero have found the ATM Bank card of Waleed and that it will be mailed to us in Northridge. When we received it, we found it in good condition,” Walleed’s parents wrote. 

“How could a plastic card survive the fire of the terrorist attack of the Black Tuesday on the USA? I consider it as a sign from Waleed to his parents on the first Anniversary of his loss.” 

What the Iskandar’s mean by “a sign from Waleed” is unknown, but it can either be construed as a miracle from heaven that he is safely in a better place, a sign that his personal belongings were tampered with and he died in another location or a sign he is still alive but unable to communicate with his parents. 

Although it’s impossible to come to a solid conclusion, the ‘ government spooks’ of 9/11 holding the real truth, no one including the Iskandar’s can doubt the miraculous nature of such a recovery, considering the devastation at the WTC, as well as strange nature of the timing of the return of their son’s bank card, occurring one year after the fact. 

One observer who wants to remain anonymous and who claims the FBI planted numerous pieces of bogus evidence at all locations on 9/11 to justify an equally bogus official 9/11 story, had this to say about the Iskandar ATM card: 

“I guess his ATM card must have slid out of his wallet, flown out of his pocket, then out of his seat and around the seat belt, then through the exploding jet fuel and debris, out of the building, then to be found picture perfect!” 

The miraculous recovery of Iskandar’s ATM card is not the only piece of 9/11 evidence suspected of being planted by the FBI. Recently, the Arctic Beacon first reported a first responder at the Pentagon finding a perfectly intact California ID card of one of the alleged Flight 77 passengers. 

Capt. Jim Ingledue said two days after 9/11 he found the perfectly unscathed ID of Susanne Calley, 42, one of the alleged passengers, adding he thought the find “highly unusual and strange to find a perfectly intact card amidst the devastation and rubble at the Pentagon.” 

But what makes the Iskandar ATM card even more suspicious and intriguing than even Calley’s ID card is that it was returned one year later. Why one year after the fact? Where was it found? Was it used in the interim? But, most importantly, how on earth could a plastic card, normally contained inside a man’s wallet or his pocket, survive a massive explosion that completed consumed an airliner as well as pulverized a 100 story skyscraper? 

However, besides the possibility that Calley’s ID and Iskandar’s ATM card were both planted by the FBI, the same question was also ignored by the press and authorities the day after 9/11 when miraculously the unscathed passport of Satam Al Suqami, one of the alleged 19 Arab terrorists, turned up several blocks from Ground Zero. 

Although ABC News and the Associated Press played up the importance of the Suqami passport, linking 9/11 to the Arab hijackers, serious questions were never raised in the press or by the 9/11 Commission as to the credibility and authenticity of the find. 

And now with the Calley ID and the Iskandar ATM card, both turning up in perfect condition like the passport, it only triples the necessity of launching a full scale investigation into the possibility that all three items were planted by the FBI in an attempt to hoodwink the American people into believing the official 9/11 story, a story that has so many holes that it makes a perfectly good piece of Swiss cheese look like a solid object.”

PresidentialField Mandate

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