#1311 Marine Links Valerie Bowman’s ROODA Loop Crooks to Bin Laden Seals in Killer Chinook

Plum City (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Valerie Jarrett’s (nee Bowman) Bowman ROODA loop crooks in Chicago to the Navy Seals who witnessed an alleged HAC ‘false flag’ attack on May 1, 2011 on a Bin Laden doppelganger corpse in Abbotabad, Pakistan, and who, in consequence, were killed as a collective whistleblower unit while being transported in a Chinook helicopter.

ROODA – Radio, Observe, Orient, Decide and Act
HAC – Honourable Artillery Company (Special Ops in Bowman Surveillance and Target Acquisition}

McConnell invites the Obama chain of command to check the log of discussions between Valerie Bowman’s crooks and Lester Crown (Former Chair of General Dynamics’ Bowman ROODA Loop) of April 29, 2010, to identify the co-conspirators in Operation Bin Laden Seals and the Killer Chinook.

#1306 Marine Links Lester Crown Bowman triggers to Twin Towers Pressure-Wave Bombs

“Navy SEALs Killed (some SEAL TEAM 6) Chinook Helicopter Crash”

“First Announcement Death of Osama Bin Laden 10:40pm Fox News [Bettina Jordan-Barber sold MoD PKI key to Fox for access to Bowman ROODA Loop]

(Chopped and swapped!)

“Bowman Withdrawn From TA … To Meet Operational Demand Most TA units are to have their Bowman radio kits withdrawn over the next few weeks. The move comes as the manufacturers, GD UK, struggle to meet the demand created by operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. … Those units to retain their Bowman sets are 2 (NC) Sig Bde (because they support the comms capability of the wider Army), the Yeomanry (who have to be Bowman-trained in order to operate with armoured vehicles) and the HAC (whose Bowman training is almost complete). December 2008.”

“An Illinois investor whose core wealth comes from huge military contractor General Dynamics [Manufacturer of backdoored Bowman tactical radio], Crown is worth with his family $4 billion, according to Forbes. He also owns stakes in the Chicago Bulls and various hotels and ski resorts. He and his family have been extremely generous to Obama. Lester’s son James bundled $500,000 or more for the Obama presidential campaign. James and his wife chipped in another$100,000 for the inauguration. Lester Crown along with employees of his investment firm, Henry Crown and Co. have donated over $100,000 to Obama’s campaigns since 2003, according to a Johns Hopkins review. Crown has also given large contributions to many congressional Democrats, as well as a few Republicans. In the heat of the primary in January 2008, when Obama’s pro-Israel bona fides were under attack, Crown authored a mass email to Jewish voters vouching for Obama on the issue. (In theemail, Crown said the fundamental issue that animates Crown’s political involvement is “my deep commitment to Israel and to a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.”) So the Israelis were shrewd in their choice of donor to reach out to. White House visitor logs, which go up through April, show that Lester Crown has been to the White House twice. One visit was for a Hannukah reception in December which Obama attended, along with about 600 other visitors. The second visit is more suggestive: on April 29, Crown had a personal appointment with Obama confidante and fellow Chicagoan Valerie Jarrett in the West Wing. It’s not clear whether this was before or after Crown got the message from Yadlin. We’ve reached out to Crown and will update this post if we hear back.” 

[Note that Laureen Harper’s snuff-film cronies in Alberta had a ROODA MitM position for the destruction of the Killer Chinook with the Bin Laden Seals inside] CDC secures C$4-billion UK Bowman contract 

A Canadian-developed secure voice and data communications system is to be employed by the British Army under a £1.7-billion contract awarded by the UK Ministry of Defence. It is the largest defence communications programme in the United Kingdom for 50 years. 

CDC Systems UK Ltd, a subsidiary of Computing Devices Canada Ltd, of Calgary, was selected July 19 as the prime contractor for supplying the BOWMAN system. 

The award recognises Canada’s technological and engineering skills. The BOWMAN system replicates the Canadian military’s own system called Iris, which resulted from a C$1.6-billion investment by the federal government. 

The experience and expertise gained in Calgary will support facilities to be set up in Wales to deliver the system to the British Army. They will also serve as a springboard for further joint advances in the digitisation of military forces. The award positions CDC well for further contracts in Europe and elsewhere. 

Computing Devices’ President and Chief Executive Officer, David Scott, said the BOWMAN award solidifies the company’s credentials as a world-class systems integrator. The impact of the contract will produce C$250-million in systems engineering work in Calgary, translating into more than 200 highly skilled engineering jobs over the next three years. 

In Wales, CDC Systems UK will create or sustain approximately 1,600 jobs. BOWMAN will include a land-based command and control system, and will provide the infrastructure to support all digitisation applications over the next 30 years. 

Initial operational capability will be within 24 months. All 18 000 army vehicles will be equipped and all 60 000 service personnel will be trained on BOWMAN by October 2007. The contract includes 50 000 radios, 25 000 terminals and more than 8 000 local area systems. 

Canadian High Commissioner in London, Jeremy Kinsman, said the contract again demonstrates Canada’s innovation and ingenuity in the high-technology and defence sectors. Nicholas D. Chabraja, chief executive officer of parent company General Dynamics, also praised the skills at Calgary on which the systems have been successfully based. Inter-relations will be underscored by a research centre of excellence for communications which will be set up to address military requirements in the future. 

For soldiers in the field, harmonisation of systems will have important benefits. Canadian and British defence forces have long served on joint operations, and are presently on support duties together in the Balkans and Sierra Leone. 

Bilateral defence contracts between Canada and Britain are also strong. For the five years to 2000, they amounted to approximately £1.2-billion, divided equally between the two countries. 

Recent sales include CAE training facilities and equipment, including simulators; Canada’s purchase of EH101 search and rescue helicopters due for delivery this year by August-Westland; Hawk aircraft sales; and four diesel-electric powered submarines acquired by Canada from the Royal Navy, the second of which was delivered this July. The British Army trains extensively in Alberta, and the Royal Air Force also uses training facilities in Canada, while Canadian officers are on exchange with British defence forces. 

Details: http://www.computingdevices.com 

Companies on the team include: Computing Devices Canada, Computing Devices Company Hastings, and General Dynamics Communication Systems (all units of General Dynamics); ITT Defence Systems; Harris Systems, BAE Systems; BAE Systems IFS; Command Systems Inc., Litton Integrated Systems; Alvis Vehicles; Roush Technologies; Westland Helicopters; EADS; Syntegra; HVR Consulting and Computer Sciences Corporation. “

Note for Valerie Bowman (a.k.a. Jarrett): Once the enemy is inside your ROODA Loop; it’s all over.

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